Welcome to Calvary St. Augustine Episcopal Church! We are an Episcopal congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

We are located in the 2nd Congressional District in the Belmont Section of West Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA. 


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Mission Statement

God is calling our congregation to grow spiritually, share our life with God's children and make know His love through word and deed.


Vision Statement

We are a welcoming inclusive church offering without distinction t age, class race, gender, sexual orientation or able bodieness, a spiritual, social and educational hub for the Belmont Community. We share lively, spiritual and relevant worship and offer a place of safety, encouragement and education for young people.

Happening this Month

Sat    Sept. 9. Open House.    11-3 pm
Sun. Sept 10    Back to Church Sunday. 10 am
Mon. Sept 19.  Food Bank Open.    11-7pm

Sun   Sept 25    St. Michael's Feast Day
Mon. Oct 3        Food Bank Open.  11-7pm.   Sat.   Oct. 8.      Photo Walk.    11 am
Sat.   Oct. 8.      Chelsea Reed and the        Fairweather Five   2 pm