The Rev. Harry (Hank) White                                                                                                            


Since I have been very happily serving the congregation of Calvary St. Augustine for over two and a half years as “Long-term Supply”, most of you already know more about me and my somewhat convoluted journey to this position than you ever wanted. However, lest you forget, here are some of the highlights:

  • I’m a “Cradle Episcopalian” whose father, (a Chemical Engineer), was ordained to the Priesthood a mere four years before I was.

  • I have three older sisters, Jane, Deborah and Sarah (who died just a year ago).  After living on a farm outside of Ithaca, N.Y. ‘til the age of 13, my parents, (Jane & Harry), and I moved to Lake Zurich, Illinois, the summer before my freshman year in high school. (By then my three sisters were out of the house… out of college, in college, or in Nursing School).

  • Because I had spent my first three high school years involved in sports, playing Bass most weekends in a Jazz quartet, and doing little studying; I was faced with either going into the military or getting my act together, (so I just might “squeak” into a descent college). I chose the latter, taking an extra year in high school and graduating in 1964 from Trinity School in NYC.

  • Then it was on to Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, N. Y., where I majored in Philosophy and worked my way through by washing dishes in one of the girl’s co-ops, playing two to three nights a week with a “band of townies, (all “old guys”), and delivering milk to a mental hospital for a local dairy. I graduated in 1968.

  • Seabury-Western Theological Seminary came next, (augmented by coaching the Jr. High football team at a near-by Roman Catholic Boy’s school). I graduated from Seminary in 1971 and was Ordained to the Priesthood in December of that year.

  • During my first 10 years in the ministry I served in a variety of capacities in a variety of locations. I was a curate, (Illinois), a private school chaplain, (Minnesota), a curate, (Easton, PA), an Alcoholism counselor, (Chicago), a parish assistant in charge of education, (Nebraska), and rector of Christ Church, Sidney, Nebraska.

  • Not sure at that point that I wanted to continue in the ministry, I resigned my position as Rector at the end of 1981, spent six months in 1982 doing a variety of jobs on Martha’s Vineyard, then moved to Swarthmore, PA; married Betsy, and have been in this area ever since. From the fall of ’82 thru December of ’88 I worked developing various types of microcircuits, first at the Engineering Development Lab at DuPont, in Wilmington, DE, and then at RCA in Moorestown, NJ.

  • In December of 1988, (by the good graces of Bishop Bartlett), I returned to the active ministry as Interim Rector of St. James, Prospect Park, while getting my certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy at The Marriage Council of Philadelphia.

  • That began a twelve-year stint as Interim Rector in 7 parishes in the diocese, while serving as a part-time therapist with The Counsel for Relationships.

  • In November of 2000 I was called as Priest-in-Charge to The Church of the Ascension, Parkesburg, PA, where I stayed for eleven years until my retirement in June of 2011.

  • Since 2011 I have been part-time Interim Rector of two parishes, and long-term supply here at Calvary St. Augustine.

In spite of the rather strange journey that my life and ministry have taken over the past 50 years, I count myself extremely fortunate to have had two very special occasions when I have known, from the Very First Sunday, that “I was where I wanted to be and truly belonged”. The first was The Church of the Ascension in Parkesburg. The second is right here at Calvary St. Augustine. For the second time I am truly “at home” in the most loving community I can imagine.


Peace & Love,